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Our Approach

In establishing Vabel, the founding partners created a bold new approach that responds to inherent flaws they saw in the industry.

Most developers consist of a corporate team who appraise and acquire a project — 
then employ a professional consultant team to deliver it. They are seldom involved directly in the project process – whether that be establishing the concept,  developing the design or delivering the build. Yet they are ultimately responsible for taking key decisions in these areas. They are often the only stakeholder whose objective is profitability, but ironically have the least control or expertise of the factors that drive it.

Instead they rely on the professional consultant team —
But often these consultants work independently, with individual and differing objectives and no overall focus on value and profitability. This can often lead to a frustrating iterative process, where the engineering solution contradicts the creative ideal, which in turn conflicts with the financial goal. What’s left is the worst kind of compromise, where the outcome falls short in every aspect. It is how value engineering becomes dilution. 

But not at Vabel —
We are first-and-foremost architects, designers, contractors and project managers, and the combination of our expertise is at the core of what we do. Our clear vision and expertise in these disciplines ensures the wider team is working towards a singular overarching objective – project value and profitability – and we use the process to continually enhance this. For us, its about how to get each discipline to support the others, to always get more out of available resources.


Our Process

With this expertise at our core, we unify the creative, technical and financial aspects into a streamlined cohesive process. We always begin by marrying an inspired creative concept with the architectural vision of what we should build, how to deliver it and what it will be worth to our buyers.

This is developed into a robust development strategy — 
a meticulously thought through bible for the project that fine tunes the key drivers of design, cost, finance, execution and sales. By interrogating the underlying factors we have real confidence in the accuracy of every single entry in our financial model. 

Vabel sits at the hub of each project to execute this strategy —
providing the singular focus to realising the vision. Our designers produce the interior architecture drawings and specifications, our project managers are procuring and driving the programme, and on select bespoke properties our own contractors deliver on-site.

But the strength of our process is far more than just the sum of its parts —
It is unflinchingly committed not simply to combining these formerly disparate elements, but to finding that elusive sweet spot that emerges when each competing objective is in balance. We call it the ‘perfect compromise’. Only then can we achieve true desirability and unlock the hidden value.


What We Deliver

Uniting behind this common goal of adding value does more than solve the disconnect between developer and project team.

It also brings a wealth of expertise direct to the developer’s table —
allowing for bolder, more confident decision-making. Which takes us full circle. By having at the outset a very clear vision of the concept – combined with the expertise and an overarching strategy to make resources go further to achieve it –  we create buildings that are exceptional in design, execution and the returns they deliver.


Who We Are

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